Type designation: LS-16
Name: LS-16
Designer: Árpád LAMPICH
Class: Training
General arrangement: Strutted high wing, closed fuselage with open cockpit, taditional tail unit
Crew: 1
First flight: 1939
Manufacturer: ?
Number of built: 1

Short history:
This glider was designed by Árpád Lampich in 1939 for a flying school. The prototype had been built and was flight tested. However certificate of airworthiness was never issued for LS-16 as the glider was ruled by the authorities as unsafe due to its too elastic structure.
No photo is available for this long forgotten glider.

Structure:  Mixed wooden, steel tube and light metal sheets
The strutted high wing had an I-form wooden main spar and a steel tube secondary spar in the line of the leading edge of, and up to the aileron. In front of the aileron the secondary spar was built from metal sheets. Between the two spars diagonally arranged steel tube bracing were applied. The ribs in front of the main spar were made of pine laths covered by plywood. The ribs behind the main spar were made of light alloy sheets and were screwed to the main spar, and covered by fabric.
No airbrakes were fitted.
The fuselage was of a steel tube structure with fabric covered wooden frames. The glider had an open cockpit. The landing gear consisted of a rubber dumped nose skid and a spring-sheet aft skid.
   Tail unit:
The tail unit had a traditional arrangement. The main spars of the stabilizers, rudder and elevator were made of light alloy sheets and steel tubes with light alloy sheet ribs, and were covered by fabric.

     Span, m: 12
     Area, m2: 14,8
     Aspect ratio: 9,74
     Chord (root), m: 1,3
     Chord (tip), m: ?
     Airfoil (root), m: NACA 23 012
     Airfoil (mid-span), m: NACA 23 012
     Airfoil (tip), m: NACA 23 012
     Dihedral, degree: 0
     Sweep, degree: 0
     Washout: None
     Span, m: 3
     Mean chord, m: 0,3
     Total area, m2: cca. 1,69
     Balancing: None
   Horizontal stabilizer:
     Span, m: 2,85
     Area, m2: ?
     Span, m: cca. 2,76
     Area, m2: ?
     Airfoil: Symmetric
     Balancing: None
     Trim: No
   Vertical stabilizer and rudder:
     Total area, m2: ?
     Rudder area, m2: ?
     Balancing: None
     Length, m: 5,88
     Width, m: ?
     Height: ?
     Cross section, m2: ?
   Landing gear:
     Type: Skid
   Wing, kg: ?
   Fuselage, kg: ?
   Tail unit, kg: ?
   Empty glider, kg: 84
   Gross, kg: 174
   Ballast, kg: None
   Wing loading, kg/m2: 11,75
   VNE, km/h: ?
   Max. winch speed, km/h: ?
   Max. speed in rough air, km/h: ?
   Stall speed, km/h: 44
   Min. sink, m/s (at gliding speed, km/h): 0,92/?
   Best L/D (at gliding speed, km/h): 16/?
Start methods: Bungee(?), Winch(?)

Origin of data and 3-view drawing:
Jereb Gábor: Magyar vitorlázó repülőgépek, Műszaki Könyvkiadó, 1988, Budapest
(Gábor JEREB: Hungarian Gliders, Technical Publishing House, 1988, Budapest)

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